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Commercial Flooring News

Carpet Tiles With The Highest Level Of Comfort

MODULYSS carpet tiles introduce comfortBack – a recycled polyester felt backing that improves underfoot cushioning and feels just as comfortable as your favourite pair of sneakers.

It is also worth pointing out that it reduces muscle fatigue while fending off wear. The comfortBack equipped carpet tiles are perfectly suitable for projects which are looking to improve both the wellbeing and the comfort in any workplace. Reportedly it uses up to 90% recycled content polyester felt, while also being extremely lightweight. On the other hand, it is dense enough to absorb footfall over and over again, contributing to long-term underfoot comfort.

ComfortBack is proven to soak up any punishment, instead of the carpet tile fibres main priority of absorbing only the constant impact of footfall and traffic. The MODULYSS invention enhances the wear resistance and the appearance retention of the carpet tiles while helping them to last longer.

The backing of this innovative product makes installations quieter than those that are using the standard back2back equipped carpet tiles.

The new carpet tiles are available as the standard requires in six colourways on the DSGN Cloud, First Absolute, and DSGN Tweed carpet tile collections. According to MODULYSS the comfortBack will not break down, even under intense use. This ensures that the carpet tiles will provide the long-term durability and strength so eagerly demanded in today’s busy workplaces. The major advantage is upholding the performance of standard back2back carpet tiles, while reportedly still delivering excellent burning behaviour, perfect seams and dimensional stability.

The backing can be installed just like any other using Uzin U 2100 adhesive. This is making the installation, the uplift and the removal easier.