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Choose A Real Marketing Expert

Securing the best marketing talent is key for every business including in the flooring industry. It doesn’t matter if you have your own team or you rely on outsource, you should know that this is one of the most important aspects of having a successful business. However, there are some things to have in mind if you prefer recruiting an agency to market for you. You should have a clear brief with definitive objectives and measurable results. In this article, London flooring experts will explain to you what you should be looking for when you want to provide the best.

  • An interesting fact which London flooring specialists point out is that the new breed of marketing experts are big on tactics and light on market research, orientation, segmentation, brand equity, positioning, strategy. So what is an expert? If you are looking to hire an expert or an agency, you would want them to be very good at what they do, be it digital, strategy, promotional or creative. Many people state that it is less about academic qualification and more about practice. Others say that performance and results are crucial.
  • London flooring professionals say that for instance, in the world of sport, results and performance are easily measured but in the world of marketing it is more of a challenge. A key factor is credibility. Some people affirm this with qualifications and membership of different industry bodies, such as the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and Chartered Institute of Marketing. Other experts will consider credibility to be previous experience and what they have achieved. Marketing is subjective, therefore, it is hard to be given certain measurable outlines.
  • The next aspect is coaching and mentoring. This feature in the journey of the marketing experts is what they have learnt from others who are qualified, knowledgeable and credible. London flooring specialists say that this doesn’t mean the marketing experts are not good at what they do – choosing someone to help can only complement what you have already achieved and encourage them to achieve their goals. Last but not least, continuing professional development must be undertaken by the experts in order to improve their knowledge and skills.

Marketing continues to evolve at a galloping rates so training is needed more than ever before. Marketing is very important for the flooring business and London flooring contractors should know how to distinguish the good marketing experts from the ones that are just labeled as one.

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