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Choose Resin Floors For High Level Of Hygiene!

A key priority in kitchens and any food preparation area is the ability of London flooring to be cleaned and maintained easily to a high level of hygiene. Safety and health practice in workplace is very important and in areas where spillages and washing down happen at daily basis, London flooring contractors say it is vital to maintain highest standards to avoid accidents. A recommended London flooring solution in this case is the resin flooring – it can make a positive contribution to the safety and health regime in terms of slip resistance and hygiene.

  • When it is correctly chosen and specified and a proper installation was performed, resin London flooring is proven to be an excellent provider of slip resistance in any conditions – no matter dry, wet or contaminated. This type of floors are tough resilient systems. Yet in order to make the best of the flooring a proper cleaning regime must be agreed, better in advance, so all the performance and characteristics of the London flooring are maintained correctly and can serve the years to come.
  • Unfortunately, when there is not a proper cleaning session performed, this affect the slip resistance properties of the flooring. An efficient cleaning regime must be implied with the customer – London flooring professionals advise that this regime must include a regular testing of the resistance so it proves that the required performance is being maintained correctly.

Resin London flooring projects in kitchens and food preparation areas have shown to be excellent solutions to the slippery nature in such conditions.

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