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Christmas Floor Action List

It is less than two week till Christmas – the most joyful time of the year. It is a time of family gatherings, tons of presents and happy feelings. The Flooring Group has made a list of what could potentially be made around the holidays to freshen up the festive mood.

  • Bake a gingerbread house and decorate it with the whole family. You will most probably need to lower the house down on the floor for the kids or other smaller family members can powder it on.
  • Take a time and wrap a present for a favourite teacher.
  • Have a small tea party on the floor, like you used to do as kids. And why not invite all the family to join in.
  • Read a bedtime story or a favourite Christmas tale around the fireplace.
  • Secure a dancing space and make a competition for the best dance on a Christmas tune.
  • Write a normal greeting postcard and send it to a random address overseas.
  • Organise a trip around the neighbourhood and enjoy the Christmas decorations of others
  • Do a fundraise or serve a meal at the local homeless shelter
  • Go to see the Nutcracker in the theatre
  • Host a cookie bake-off party.
  • Hang mistletoe over every door
  • Surprise the neighbours with Christmas Carol singing
  • Invite new couples to bond around a cup of homemade cocoa
  • Cut paper snowflakes and make popcorn garlands

All those jolly activities can be done anytime around Christmas and share with family and friends. From the family of The Flooring Group, we wish you all the joy in the world and Happy Holidays!