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Clients Are Also Responsible For Health And Safety Standards

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention at health and safety standards according to new health and safety legislation. Consultants and construction clients must have adequate requirements and must follow certain rules in order to avoid risk and accidents. London flooring experts share that construction clients are now obliged to meet a certain number of requirements in ensuring health and safety on construction projects. Here are more details on the topic:

  • A competent and professional team should be assembled and the roles of the different specialists should be clear.
  • There should be enough time and resources, placed at the appropriate stages of the project.
  • London flooring contractors explain also about the effective communication mechanisms.
  • Appropriate welfare facilities for the duration of the construction work should be provided.
  • London flooring specialists claim, that client must choose reliable contractor or professional team, that have the necessary skills to deal with the project. In case the wrong experts are chosen, the fault will be in the client.
  • When it comes to London contract flooring and London commercial flooring, customer should appoint ‘principal designer’. This person will manage, monitor and coordinate problems connected with safety and health standards. Actually, London flooring contractors explain, that Principal Designer is a new role. This person has extra responsibilities to that of CDM Co-ordinator.
  • Every London flooring company is aware, that if the necessary requirements and safety instructions are not followed, the consequences may be serious. There may be additional costs, delay of the project or even prosecution.
  • London flooring experts point that ignorance of clients is not an excuse. It may lead to blocking of the continuation of the project.
  • London flooring contractors add that clients should point the person who will be principal designer.

London flooring experts summarise, that The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 have the purpose to replace the previous 2007 version. The purpose is to minimise bureaucracy while providing safer working techniques and environments across the construction industry.

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