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CO2 Neutral Marmoleum Flooring

Recently the impacts of global warming and climate change are getting closer to home than ever before. This is why Marmoleum 2.5mm has now been independently EPD confirmed as manufactured CO2 neutral, meaning that it is without the need for carbon offsetting.

The right choices when it comes to minimising the impact on climate change are of vital importance. That is why Forbo recognise that as a manufacturer they must make a commitment to help customers make more responsible choices.

In simple terms, the CO2 generated in the extraction, the transportation, and the manufacturing process is being now balanced by the removal of it through the growth of its natural ingredients – flax, jute and rosin.

In 2018, the UK experienced extreme temperatures and flash flooding simultaneously. The UN has been urging for more accelerated action by all countries to implement their commitments to CLIMATE CHANGE GOAL 13, which is to reduce the agreed CO2 commitments as outlined in the PARIS AGREEMENT.

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently registered and verified document that relates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle of a product and specifically its environmental impact. Forbo goes beyond all the requirements of the PCR (Product Category Rules) in producing an EPD by declaring the impacts on human health and ecotoxicity also.

A sense of responsibility towards the environment and subsequent generations are at the centre of our Creating Better Environments ethos.

Forbo’s EPD will be added to the various independent sustainability accolades that Marmoleum already holds, among which are Nature Plus, Blue Angel and the Nordic Swan. Forbo definitely wanted to make Marmoleum count towards helping to reduce the embodied CO2 of future and refurbished buildings. Thus the company will urge its customers to make more conscious decisions when it comes to selecting building and interior materials.

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