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Commercial Bathroom Floorings

In this article The Flooring Group will point out which are the main choices for a commercial floor in bathrooms.

This is a very popular and good, low-cost solution for first-story commercial bathrooms. Concrete is often already existing as a subfloor and can be relatively inexpensive to cover up with a variety of stains, polishes, and other decorative treatments. Easy to maintain, the only thing regular needed is to be sealed properly. Once that is complete the sanitation is usually just a matter of mopping with warm pure water.

2. Vinyl:
This inexpensive resilient flooring can be made to look like almost anything. A variety of faux natural stone and hardwood patterns are among the most sought after, as well as numerous solid and multicolourful options. The vinyl is highly water-resistant and stain-resistant and is easy to clean and maintain. The only possible drawback is that vinyl may fade over time, leaving the bathroom looking washed out after seven to ten years.

3. Ceramics:
The ceramic tiles are made from clay and other natural sediments. Ceramics are then baked in a kiln until they become as hard as stone, and in some cases even harder. They are often then treated with a melted glass glaze called porcelain, which makes them resistant to stains and water penetration. The ceramic tile top can be printed to resemble anything. This gives these materials an inherent versatility, making them perfect for high traffic commercial bathroom locations.

4. Natural stone:
A durable and natural option, the slate and other natural stone products have a dimensional texture that provides traction even in the wet bathroom environment. The source materials have an inherent power that can elevate the atmosphere of not just the bathroom, but the entire surrounding environment, as well. While being quite strong, stone floors are also porous and must be chemically sealed every six to twelve months.

5. Brick:
This warm, rich and vibrant flooring material is very popular in restaurants, bars, bistros, and pubs due to the soothing earthen quality that it exudes. Similar to natural stone, the brick materials are quite hard and rugged, but also need to be sealed in order to prevent liquid and staining agents from penetrating in their surface.

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