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Commercial Carpets In the Spotlight

In this article, we will focus on carpet cleaning, particularly the difference between commercial and domestic floor coverings. Obviously, the first thing to consider would be the foot traffic – commercial carpeting can be subject to traffic ranging from several hundred pairs of feet to a couple of thousand pairs on a daily basis when we analyse different premises. London flooring experts tell that the amount and type of soil will vary – just compare a restaurant and a car showroom, for example. What else should we take into account? Read on and see what London flooring professionals say.

  • A major impact on the carpet has the area of the country and its weather conditions as well as the type of soiling that has to be removed because the cleaning methods will also vary. When the building is subject to high traffic, this translates into the need of having a regular maintenance regime. Otherwise, the appearance will quickly get worn and tired and shorten the life of the carpet. London flooring specialists state that in this programme a couple of procedures must be included to ensure a successful process. Daily vacuuming and spotting procedures are of utmost importance for the overall look of the carpets. The procedures may be carried out by the staff or by a professional cleaning company to ensure regular cleaning and spotless appearance. When a deeper hygienic process has to be performed periodically, it is called restorative cleaning – this professional cleaning will bring back to life tired carpets and restore their original looks.
  • On the contrary, when speaking of domestic carpet cleaning, things are different. Homeowners rarely organise such maintenance programme and usually perform the process on their own when there is an upcoming event or an accident. An esteemed London carpet supplier explains that carpets also differ in terms of quality – commercial carpets often are of synthetic fibre and a higher quality, much denser than a standard domestic carpet. Some commercial carpets are also provided with wear warranties – they can be up to 20 years as they are wear-resistant.
  • London flooring contractors point out that the amount of carpeting in commercial buildings is significantly greater than in domestic properties. For example, the amount can range from a couple of metres to hundreds and thousands in bigger constructions such as airports and large hotels. However, unfortunately these carpeted areas are usually overlooked – they look far from presentable and they are not acceptable for the environment they are installed in.
  • Commercial carpets are specially designed to hide soil in their looms – London flooring contractors say that by the time people consider the carpeting dirty it is actually much filthier than expected. It will be much harder to revive such carpet so if you follow a regular maintenance regime, you will keep the good looks for longer.

The maintenance of commercial carpets should be carefully planned and carried out – such service proves to be very efficient and rewarding for your business so take advantage of it!

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