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Commercial Flooring News

Commercial Flooring Specifications

With commercial flooring, the first thing to consider is the specific application which it will be used for. The ones for high traffic hallways have different requirements than others used in a showroom for example. Everything has to match – the materials, the environment, traffic, and use. There also other considerations, such as ease of installation, durability and maintenance factors.

Cost of Installation

Any flooring will have an initial cost associated with purchasing and installation. However, there is a need to consider both the upfront costs and the long-term ones like cleaning, maintaining, and repairing. There are cases, in which selecting the more expensive flooring option may pay off in time by requiring less maintenance, fewer repairs, or extended durability.


Flooring options like stained concrete or terrazzo are relatively easy to clean. Carpeting can be vacuumed on a regular basis but is extremely prone to stains and wear-and-tear. Other materials like natural stone and vinyl require more labour-intensive cleaning, even buffing to maintain the good appearance.

In general, areas with fast and easy cleanup, impenetrable surfaces and resistance to damage and potential mould growth are extremely important.

Durability and Replacement

Even with regular maintenance, many commercial flooring needs to be replaced every so often. The durability of a material is usually balanced against how easy it is to be removed and replaced. For example, granite is extremely durable, but also quite hard to remove. On the other hand, carpet wears out in several years and is relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.


The traction of a flooring is important especially in high traffic areas. Polished marble floors are attractive and elegant, but will present a danger for slippage when buffed. That is why in commercial settings for recreation or play, the flooring type must be non-slip as well as resilient, and to provide some cushion in order to prevent injury.

The Flooring Group has all the answers and flooring options, to provide the best choice for your commercial setting.