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Consider The User Before Creating A Design!

Every London flooring contractor will tell you that floorcoverings are of great importance in office buildings. When it comes to choosing the right London commercial flooring not only the aesthetically pleasing appearance is an essential factor but the safety as well as a productive environment should be created. An impression is made the first few seconds when you enter a building so providing a welcoming entrance is essential. However, looks are not the most crucial factor – many reports show that 90% of the accidents in public buildings are cause by a slip on wet flooring. In other words a finish that provides minimal risk of incidents should be applied. A vital role plays the effective barrier matting system as it creates a safe entrance. In order to minimise the walked in moisture and dirt as much matting as possible have to be installed. This will also decrease the costs spent on maintaining the longevity and appearance of surrounding floorcoverings.

  • The typical nature of the office traffic consists of a lot of foot traffic especially in reception areas – the application of both primary and secondary barrier matting is recommended so a durable London flooring is achieved. For interior and exterior entrances primary barrier matting is an ideal London flooring solution and when the secondary barrier matting is applied, durability and performance are provided. This barrier itself can be used throughout entrances and receptions as well as in areas with heavy traffic such as lift lobbies, vending areas and internal accesses to warehouses. It is easy to install and it is cost-effective solution.
  • When we are talking about floorcoverings, London flooring contractors say that carpet tiles provide a practical solution in office spaces. They are easy to clean and their durability and versatility can create incredible flooring effects and improve the acoustics of the room. Popular London flooring choice are the carpet tiles in neutral shades as they are not likely to become dated over the years. Yet, a research showed that bright hues bring more productivity and creativity – if you want to achieve the perfect office environment neutral shades can be used but they should be combined with vivid accents to harmonise the interior. Another great advantage is that when it`s time for refurbishment, there is no need to replace the whole carpet – just specific areas can be updated. If you want to refresh the interior without spending much money on a pricey project you can change few tiles and add accents. It`s easy to create “zones” by changing the colour scheme of the carpet tiles – workspaces, breakout areas, walkways and so on.

London commercial flooring should be created with the user in mind! It plays a major part of the overall design so selecting the right products is fundamental. Create a safe, productive and accessible office environment and your business will flourish!

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