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Commercial Flooring News

Cool Finishes For Original Floorboards

The trends in interior design come and go, but the original floorboards never seem to be out of fashion. The beauty of real wood can instantly add warmth and character to each room. Yet, there are also dozens of ways to interpret classical vibes in a modern stylish decision.

Black vibe
Be certain that they do not look too gothic or severe, because, in fact, black-painted boards will look dramatic, modern, and sleek. As expected, they match brilliantly with white walls, but also provide for and allow other colours to shine. The wooden furniture will definitely stand out beautifully against a black floor.

Age’N’Distress to impress
A distressed floor can surprise and work as an effective way to add style to a minimal space. For instance, oak floorboards being painted white and then elegantly left to peel and flake. The result is perfect Boho chic, that will look brilliant with modern furniture in tangy brights. A DIY distress process is easily done after minimal practice.

Show off the natural beauty
When you prefer a natural, matt surface, rather than high-gloss finish to the floorboards, oiling is the way to go.The oil sinks into the wood, nourishing it and adding another layer of conditioning.

Perfect the pine
Almost all period properties are in possession of original pine boards. Sanding them and finishing with a clear varnish is the classic way to show off the natural beauty of wood. For more adventurous customers there are a few staining options to go for some extra edge.

Scandinavian purity
The Scandi-chic look will last the distance and make any room appear bigger and brighter.

Polish up
Let the light reflect on a high-gloss polyurethane varnished finish that can be easy to keep clean and tends to be more resilient to scrapes overtime. Opt for a varnish that will not yellow over time.

Whitewash it
This is one compromise of using white paint thinned down with water. Unlike the conventional, thicker painting, this paler effect allows the grain to peek through and has a more rustic feel.