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Coral Entrance Flooring Mats

The quality of the entrance matting system is vital for any modern building design. Forbo’s new Coral entrance floorings can reduce cleaning costs by almost 65% and the risk for slipping while stopping up to 95% of the dirt and moisture that people bring inside. The Coral entrance flooring will keep your house clean and hygienic and help prolong the life of any internal floor covering.

Forbo Coral always delivers superior performance in the toughest environments. No matter if there is rain, snow, sand or soil, Coral will prevent the outside from getting in. These entrance floors are highly functional. Through their large design options, they have become an integral part of the buildings design scheme.

Coral has been the international market leader in textile entrance flooring for the past 50 years and offers more than ever before. The individual ranges in the collection have been designed to deal with different soiling as every entrance is unique and has own requirements.

Entrance zones

The creation of the perfect entrance flooring involves thinking about footfall in a given period while also considering the walking routes. After that, all it needs is applying the gathered information in the design of the entrance area.

The company has defined 3 entrance zones to plan in the entrance flooring solution:
1: Outside use
Every matting that is placed outside the entrance is the first line of defence against foot-borne soil. They are all designed to scrape the coarsest dirt from the soles of shoes before crossing the threshold.

2: Inside use
The next line of defence will remove moisture and fine dirt particles from all feet entering the building. The mattings are normally placed right after the threshold.

3: Other circulation areas
There are many areas in the building who suffer from soil and moisture contamination. These are reception areas, staircase exits, corridors, walkways, elevators, etc. All of them will benefit highly from a purposely designed Coral entrance floor to absorb all the excess soiling.

Did we grab your attention? Give us a call to see which Coral product is best suitable for your entrance area.