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Crazy Hotel Carpets: Pilot’s Instagram Account Goes Viral

We live in the world of social media. So it is only natural that people use it to convey a message or simply enjoy life. A pilot from Texas, USA with an inkling of photography became an overnight sensation all due to the interesting photos he posted of ugly hotel carpets. With funny notes and hilarious tags, his Instagram photos skyrocketed him into the hall of fame, gaining popularity and followers every second.

Bill Yong has documented every hotel carpet from Los Angeles to Rotterdam. He found out that colourful, crazy and surreal patterns are common in hotel areas. Even though customers would think that a hotel chain will choose the beige and neutral colour for the floors and walls, Mr Young proves them wrong. Hotel interiors turn out to be more artistic and bold then presumed. Bill started documenting the weird prints under the caption of different moods. He regularly posted photos with interesting and funny designs and not long after his daughter’s followers discovered his channel. It all went like an avalanche.

Bill confesses that it has all started as something fun while on the road, a kind of memory keeper. He definitely did not expect to gain more than 661 000 followers. On one hand, he is happy with his success, but on the other, he believes he has to do better with every photo from now on. And so he does. He manages to find even the smallest detail in a lobby carpet, that might be of interest. There are times, where he even captures illuminati symbols, crazy gargoyles or big badges. Bill’s daughter encourages him to put more effort into this hobby. She herself felt the overwhelming feeling of her famous dad and admits she is called “the Carpet King’s Daughter”, which she certainly likes.

Through time Bill and his daughter have come to realise that there is a reason for hotels to use such weird and wacky patterns. It definitely is not a giant discount the hotel owner gets for using a carpet supplier. Rather the purpose is to hide any present or future stains and mask wear and tear efficiently.

Whatever the aim, The Flooring Group is keen to know the next post from Mr Bill Young. For more curious and inspiring carpet patterns follow us on Instagram.