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Creating A Healthy Indoor Environment Is Possible With The Appropriate Flooring

London flooring contractors are aware, that when you need to choose a London flooring solution for a healthcare environment, there are various characteristics and requirements you should comply with. The main purpose is to provide safe and good-looking healing atmosphere. In this article London flooring experts will pay attention to the amazing benefits of installing linoleum flooring.

  • Every London flooring company will agree, that when it comes to health care environment, the mission is really tricky. The selected surface should be antibacterial in order to prevent spreading of infections.
  • In addition, London flooring specialists point, that ease of cleaning and durability are also essential features.
  • It seems that linoleum responds to all these demandings and is often preferred for its flexible nature, wide range of designs, infection control properties and amazing environmental performance. All that makes experts choose this London flooring solution for healthcare spaces.
  • In order to decrease spread of microbes, a flooring should hold the growth of bacteria. Numerous tests should be undertaken in order to confirm this feature.
  • London flooring contractors explain, that this incredible property to hamper microbes derives from the raw material, that is used for producing of the flooring: linseed oil. Plus, this ability to hold bacteria doesn’t decrease with time which ensures a peace of mind, that the London flooring solution will provide constant protection.
  • London flooring experts should be also aware of the fact that some floor coverings have received the ‘Seal of Approval’ from Allergy UK, which is very prestigious. This means that the London flooring solution has positive influence for reducing dangerous allergens and contributes for healthier environment.
  • When London flooring specialists talk about linoleum from the perspective of hygiene maintenance and durability, it comes out, that this floor covering is perfect for areas like canteens, corridors and receptions. Thanks to its topcoat finish, it has simple and cost-effective maintenance. This London flooring solution is excellent for hospital environment. There it should bear the pressure of wheeled traffic and heavy footfall.
  • London flooring contractors may offer clients various design options and colours – there is solid linoleum and such with linear effects, patterned and marbled. Thanks to these numerous choices designers may achieve super calming and welcoming space.
  • Clients should know, that linoleum is produced from 97% natural raw materials, 72% rapidly renewable and 43% recycled content.

When it comes to health care environment, London flooring contractors should cover the requirements of customers for improving patient, visitor and staff experiences.

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