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Cut Pile Vs Loop Pile Carpet

The carpet is a fantastic flooring choice with its soft underfoot surface, the superior heat- and sound-insulation qualities and a wide range of designs. When it comes to choosing the right carpet, there are a few elements to be considered- colour, pile, yarn composition and tog rating. Each individual characteristic will contribute to the carpet performance in the given room.

To help you decide which carpet style is best, read the handy guide to pile styles below:


This style is manufactured by cutting the yarn loops in order to expose the fibre ends. This results in an upright pile which creates a uniform appearance. The cut pile is a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms, praised for its soft underfoot texture. Always look at the yarn twist, as this twisting technique helps the exposed fibres to stand up and be more resistant to matting and flattening.

The Cut Pile Plush is a soft and upright pile which creates a formal, uniform appearance. It is often short and lightly twisted, which will result in more visible footprints and track marks due to the loose loop. However, that loop contributes to the plush and velvety appearance of the carpet.

The Cut Pile Twist is a variation on the classic cut pile, which is highly twisted so that it sits in different directions and creates a luxurious and smooth finish. This ‘intertwined’ formation of the pile make the style ideal for high traffic areas as it is less likely to show tread marks.

The Frieze is an extra long cut pile that sits in different directions to create a distinctive and luxurious shaggy appearance. Its deep texture makes it perfect for bedrooms where there is a need for a soft and sumptuous underfoot surface.


A loop pile is the continuous, un-cut yarns which are being looped into the carpet backing. Since the fibres have not been sheared or exposed, they form a smoother and tighter appearance when compared to the cut pile. This structure allows for greater flexibility in design. The individual loops can be set at different heights and also in different directions to form creative patterns. This style is often present in higher traffic areas like hallways and stairs and praised for its hardwearing and durable qualities.

The Level Loop Pile is a simple loop finish, formed by loops set at a uniform height. This style will not show footprints or track marks from vacuum cleaners or heavy traffic.

The Multi-Level Loop Pile is a highly textured carpet finish and is formed using varying heights of the looped yarns, that can be placed in a random or sequential design for textures or linear patterns.

Whatever you opt for, there is a range of styles and materials for everyone, all of which provide a variety of different benefits, starting from heat insulation and hardwearing durability, all the way to a luxuriously soft tread.

The Flooring Group offers professional help and advice to assist clients in choosing their carpet. Our extensive collection of carpets includes ranges to suit all budgets.