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Deep Crisis For Construction Skills

London flooring contractors are alarming 2.2% fall in construction output. Some London flooring experts suppose, that it’s due to UK’s construction skills shortage. Here are more details on the topic:

  • London flooring specialists claim, that the regeneration in the construction industry should not be taken for granted. One of the the biggest obstacles in front of London flooring companies of all sizes who try to prosper and grow is the insufficient number of skillful London flooring experts.
  • The truth is that while London flooring contractors desperately try to find suitable specialists to complete the flooring projects. The Government is now spending money on sending all those ‘illegal workers’ in construction industry.
  • London contractors in all spheres of construction, comprising flooring industry are now legally obliged to apply checks concerning the ‘right to work’. Thus it will become clear if potential specialists are allowed to work in the UK.
  • Currently immigration officers are now performing ‘compliance checks’ on many construction sites’.
  • All employers, including London flooring contractors should be aware, that they are obliged to follow a three step procedure. First of all the person’s original documents should be obtained. Then the documents must be checked if they are valid. This must be done in the presence of the holder. Then, London flooring specialists should make copy of the documents and they should record the exact date of the check.

Every London flooring company should be aware about the warning of the government that legal liability lies with employers. If employers fail in this mission, they may suffer from financial loss either through a civil penalty or significant slowdowns and collapse to a project. There is also risk of invalidating insurance and liability cover.

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