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DESSO Orchard Carpet Tile Collection

DESSO is a leading brand with over 85 years of experience in the production of carpet tiles of high quality. Through their innovation strategy, driven by the three pillars of designing Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle ® (C2C),  they strive to produce products that assist maximize the health and well-being of individuals. DESSO carpet tiles operate nicely together with other Tarkett products with inventive patterns and a wide range of new colour palettes to generate amazing and practical ideas for every room within a building.


With its understated, irregular dotted pattern, the DESSO ® Orchard collection is reminiscent of the visual effect produced by watching a cluster of planted trees from above. A subtle two-tone appearance inspired by organic, seasonal colours provides modern workplace interiors with a smooth yet complex feel to the collection.


Pallette of colours

The versatile range is available in a 12-colour palette, consisting of eight neutrals, two green, and copper warming accents, plus an extra tone of pink and stormy blue as a tonal injection.


Areal / Zoning

A pair of coloured yarns designed for seamless use on a large scale has led in the distinctive textural appearance of the carpet tiles. The product can also be paired to allow ‘ zoning ‘ in various tones.


DESSO EcoBase backing


DESSO EcoBase is 100% recyclable in their own production process and contains a minimum of 75% recycled chalk from the local drinking water industry. * In 2015, the DESSO EcoBase backing achieved Cradle to Cradle ® Gold accreditation and reached Material Health Platinum.

Lloyd’s Register ensured that the EcoBase was 100% recyclable and the chalk 100% recycled material pre-consumer.


DESSO backing soundmaster


More productive workforce implies less noise. Calmer surroundings prevent health issues *, reducing stress concentrations and increasing concentration. That is why it is so essential to have excellent sound absorption and sound insulation.

DESSO SoundMaster Lite achieves a sound absorption efficiency enhancement of up to + 0.15 (αw) * *, which is equal to an enhancement of up to + 100 per cent compared to conventional carpet models (αw between 0.15 and 0.20)***.

This felt backing is produced of 100% polyester (80% recycled) and is selected specifically for its sophisticated sound insulation and absorption characteristics.


* Environmental Noise and Health in the UK, Health Protection Agency, p.57-58, Noise in figures, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, p.70-73.

** Tests performed at SWA (Schall- und Wamemessstelle Aachen GmbH) – Institut für schalltechnische und wärmetechnische Prüfungen – Beratung – Planung.

*** To compare: other flooring solutions (non-carpet) generally give a value between 0.05 and 0.10.