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Difficulty of Tiled Floor Installment

The Flooring Group is on a topic comparing tiled floors to other floor products and why they are on a different spectrum in terms of difficulty and precision. Our London flooring contractors admit that they often limit flooring companies in the services they offer or they aren’t suitable for different areas, since some do not have qualified enough personnel to perform the job or to distinguish if a certain floor is secure for such a job, but most frequently the company doesn’t have the equipment necessary for this work.

  • London technicians explain that, tiles require a leveled and durable floor underneath providing stability assuring that they will stay still for a long time there. Tiles are solid yet fragile they must be put with care and make sure that they are all flattened, the smallest imperfection might require additional support from an adhesive or other product to even things out. There aren’t such complications installing a carpet or vinyl flooring, as there are other demands from their performance as a floor cover.
  • The companies who perform such service, usually work with cement and use it for other needs like road gap filling and setting concretes. You would probably want to make sure that they are specialised in this.
  • There are two qualifications and depending on various factors in the preparation they serve different purposes – adhesives and grouts. Even then they split in other subcategories, the ready mix tile adhesives are often used, also know as dispersion adhesives on the market. There are different tiles to use, you can’t put just any tile or the ones that you find best fitting for your taste. You should be cautious about the purpose they are built to serve, for example in humid places we recommend anti-slip and water-resistance ones, avoid some porcelain and glass ones, as they are likely to not bond well with the product underneath.

Hope our London floor professionals have shed some light on this topic and helped you choose the right products. As always, The Flooring Group is happy to lead our customers to the optimal decisions on the market.

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