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Disano by Haro

This is the revolutionary healthy living, plasticiser-free and 100% PVC-alternative to vinyl flooring. Haro has introduced DISANO – the new innovative flooring that is going to swipe the world off its feet.


Among DISANO’s most striking features are the underfoot softness and warmth which are considered to be highly impressive from the moment feet touch the surface. Additionally, they are extremely durable and will manage to effortlessly withstand heavy furniture without permanent damage signs. Aside from being easy to maintain, DISANO is a genuine gain for a healthy atmosphere of well-being in every home. And the water-resistant options increase its legendary durability even further.


HARO praises and values the great importance of healthy and non-toxic floor coverings. That is why the DISANO Design Floor is not only soft, durable, warm to the touch, easy to clean and quiet, but it creates a healthy living indoors environment. DISANO is free from PVC, plasticisers and phthalates, which is the main reason for it to be certified with the Blue Angel and Eco-Label. This turns it in the ideal floor for an appealing and inspiring healthy home living environment.


 Additionally, DISANO is uncomplicated and exceptionally easy to install and maintain. The collection is praised for the most beautiful design floor due to the particularly authentic wood styles with genuine bevelled edges on all 4 sides. Other advantages include resistance to fading under UV light, making the colour changes a thing of the past, extreme durability, and flattering colour palettes. DISANO remains dimensionally stable and is pressure resistant.


The spectrum of DISANO styles is designed to be always on trend and in line with the contemporary taste. The range includes the trending theme “light colours” with styles such as Oak Glacier, Oak White, Oak Riva, and Pine Nordica, as well as the timelessly elegant dark colours of French smoked Oak, Cambridge Oak, Wild Oak, and Walnut as well as the entire colour palette in between.


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