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DIY Copper Penny Floor

If The Flooring Group Ltd had a penny for every single question of “Which is the most bizarre floor design?” we would have made a floor out of them. In fact, that is what a father-son duo has done – copper penny DIY floor. And it looks amazing! Let us guide you through the process.

It is possible to achieve this if you have a lot of time and tons of 2ps at your disposal. The installation itself is a very difficult and long-lasting process. Each coin must be placed tightly and stuck with epoxy-based adhesive glue. The greater the gaps between the coins, the more problems they will cause in the future. After all the manual work, the surface is covered with a few coats of varnish on top for sealing and protection. The final result should be an even and smooth floor. Having in mind the coins are used daily, they certainly should be hand cleaned. The more edges they have, the more varnish the floor will need and absorb. With all that said, the cost is still estimated to be less, and the handmade is always priceless.

The 2ps cannot be applied on top of an existing floor, as it needs to contract and expand. That is why you need to work directly on the subfloor. Bear in mind that the copper penny floor will be quite hard and cold. Also, it is really noisy to walk upon, and you must think of sound insulation as a priority.

There can be numerous designs created by a single penny. You can let your imagination lose by creating paintings, patterns, and various shapes. And there is also the option of combining the penny floor with a modern white floor for more contrast and edgy look.

The Flooring Group Ltd have always encouraged brave decisions, innovations and bold designs. We believe that there is always a way to turn your dreams into reality and are proud to be able to be part of this process for all our customers.