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Do Porcelain Tiles Need To Be Sealed?

In this article London flooring contractors will pay attention at the following topic – is sealing appropriate after installation of porcelain tiles? Actually, every London flooring company gets asked this question regularly. London flooring experts are aware, that if you search in Google, you will find lots of conflicting points of view. Some London flooring specialists claim, that only polished porcelain tiles should be sealed and textured or matt tiles must not be sealed, but left untreated. Let’s check if this is an absolute truth or there are other options available:

  • When it comes to London commercial flooring, porcelain tiles with a textured surface are a popular alternative. London flooring contractors explain, that porcelain is famous for its durability. Generally a textured surface can offer an impressive ‘R’ rating, but the hygienic maintenance may be difficult. The mop won’t dig out the dirtiness and will often ‘snag’ on the surface.
  • When for London contract flooring matt finishes are used, some are smooth and others are with slight surface texture. Thus even the tiniest surface undulation will accumulate filth and soil.
  • London flooring contractors claim, that sealant isn’t always recommended or deemed necessary. Some kind of protective barrier is a wonderful alternative. It’s very important, that the tiles should be comprehensively sanitised before application of any kind of treatment. In case this rule is not followed, London flooring experts reveal, that any dirtiness or installation leftovers will become trapped between the tile surface and the treatment. As a result, London flooring specialists point, that the barrier’s performance will be compromised and it will look ugly.
  • London flooring companies have to guarantee, that the barrier applied doesn’t affect the tile’s slip resistance, or doesn’t provoke a shiny effect. Safe specification must be provided.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that many clients think, that polished porcelain floor tile doesn’t need sealing. These customers have to know that during the polishing procedure, there are micro-pores which are opened up.
  • Sometimes, sealing of polished porcelains is accomplished as a part of the manufacturing process. This is done in order to protect them during installation. In addition, London flooring specialists recommend a further seal after cleaning in order to provide additional protection for the tile and grout joint.
  • London flooring shops deliver a great number of high performance water-based sealants. These products represent a safer alternative to traditional solvent preparations.

Moreover – except the safety and eco benefits, these water-based treatments have another advantage. They may be applied with some residual moisture. As a result, the time for application may be reduced to 80%, making porcelain treatment a more feasible option on all fronts!

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