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Do You Know That Wood Improves Your Health?

As per a recent study, the use of wood and the wooden material is being proven to improve the environment and people’s health. One of the main purposes of it is to stimulate the use not only for the exterior but also for the interior. The project identifies a few major points of focus such as:

  • Opportunities and limitation for using the wood resource
  • The effect of wood on human health and nature
  • The design, development, and evaluation of ideas for sustainability, multifunctionality and value-adding products and systems
  • Ensure products and business, based on the research outline.

People spend around 90% of their lifetime indoors and it is important to have a good quality environment. No map has been used before to outline the impact of wood. In 2014 a lot of wood industry companies and universities from all over the world worked together to do that. The culmination of their 3-year efforts was the presentation of the report at a seminar held in March 2017 at Linköping University. The study scientifically proves that wood possesses excellent strength in accordance to its weight and it is very accessible, easy to work with and renewable. Also, designers state that the resource is flexible and quick to work with, providing them with the scope of freedom, no other resource can.

But what is more important is that the wood locks and stores carbon dioxide and can easily be recycled. The humidity level indoor is crucial for the good quality of life and is different in every season. All that has been reported with a thermo-camera, which showed the humidity being accumulated inside when in excess, and being emitted later on, when the levels of it drop. This is a very important ability that was only studied recently and is yet to prove more and more efficient.

Apart from the obvious technical properties the study, being done by international and independent parties, has also reported the emotional charge. All reports show that wood is being perceived as “cozy, warm and natural” by the vast majority of the study participants. The calming effect, air properties and incredible acoustic were also among the features most praised.

Full study can be fount at