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When it comes to choosing reliable London flooring solutions for the education sector, many aspects should be considered as there are various environments in a single establishment. Just think about it – corridors, toilets, kitchens, classrooms, all require different flooring. However, they have a thing in common – they should provide a combination of durability, safety, hygiene and resilience. Usually, a good rule of thumb which London flooring professionals share is that you should remember the bigger the foot, the more durable flooring you should choose. In other words, when a flooring solution for a university is being installed, it will be with different features compared to a flooring option for a nursery.

  • Let’s see the differences between London flooring solutions that should be installed in compliance with the age of students. In primary schools, kids are full of energy. This is why it is very important for them to be provided with a surface that can withstand foot traffic and scratches and still look presentable. Also, the safety London flooring should be combined with a door, wall and corner protection – they all need to perform well over the years. You know that usually educational establishment have a certain budget for constructions so good value for money will help these stretched budgets go further.
  • When speaking of the demands of older students, we should have in mind the heavier footfall as well as the fact that the properties, including appearance, durability and cleanability, should be even better to ensure long-term performance of the London flooring.
  • Flooring experts in London recommend the use of more resilient floors in areas where chairs, desks and equipment are moved around. Again, door, wall and corner protection should be considered to protect the building structure. Paying attention to the use of colour is important because it can greatly contribute to a positive working atmosphere.
  • There are many universities that cater for more than 40,000 students, which means that the demand is even tougher. High tuition fees translate into the need of providing great worth of the money – the overall looks of the university pays a significant role in the impression of students and parents. Maintaining the premises is of utmost importance.
  • In these educational establishments, specialist London flooring solutions are needed. For example, in art rooms, laboratories and high traffic corridors, the use of heavy-duty safety flooring is recommended. 2,5mm thickness can cope well with point loading from chairs and trolleys and the floor will still look good. For showers and changing areas, London flooring professionals explain that safety floors designed for dry and wet areas should be used. They have to be comfortable for bare foot and shoes. When speaking of kitchen flooring, a tougher more slip-resistant one should be installed in order to handle stains from grease, oil and butter.

Sometimes the answer is in the specialist technology. There is increased demand for smart products that use looselay technology which can be installed directly onto a power floated concrete slab. This is perfect for new build schools, making the process easier for London flooring contractors. When a high-quality product is used, there is no doubt that it will serve smoothly for the years to come!

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