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Doing An Apprenticeship – A Great Option For Young People

London flooring contractors pay attention and discuss one trend – it’s not a surprise, that in construction industry men dominate. Actually when it comes to apprenticeships, it’s a popular tendency that women should avoid them. London flooring experts are aware, that even parents are more prone to advise their sons to start an apprenticeship, than their daughters. London flooring specialists say, that it’s proven, that only one woman in 10 thinks that an apprenticeship is a good option. According to another research between 2000 adolescents, girls and boys have received useless carrer pieces of advice. Here are more facts:

  • London flooring contractors show the opinion of an engineering apprentice, who feels alone in such a male-dominated industry. Her name is Natalie Foster.
    London flooring experts and Natalie Foster claim, that there is no meaningful reason to steer away women from technical jobs. The same tendency was typical when she was a student – girls were rejected from the science and other technology subjects.
  • London flooring contractors and Natalie Foster support all women to follow their passions, no matter if they will work in traditionally male-dominated field.
  • Nowadays, London flooring specialists notice that no matter the increasing popularity of apprenticeships, girls do not profit from this wonderful career option.
  • When it comes to London commercial flooring and London contract flooring, an ordinary apprentice brings a profit from more than £10,000 a year.
  • London flooring specialists point some great reasons to consider the idea of undertaking an apprenticeship.
  • Making some money while you learn – receiving expert knowledge and earning money is just wonderful. Gaining a real qualification is precious.
  • Putting efforts to get good qualification – London flooring contractors claim, that even high achievers take advantage of apprenticeships. Getting ahead in the career while getting a salary is a lucrative alternative.
  • London flooring contractors say that real-work experience is also a great reason. It’s a quicker way to learn about an industry. Personal skills and gaining more confidence are also priceless.
  • London flooring experts spotlight also the building of future. According to a study, after the end of the apprenticeship, 85% of people stay in employment. 64% even stay with the same employer.
  • London commercial flooring experts know that about 32% of all former apprentices get a promotion within 12 months of finishing the session. In addition, 75% reported taking on more responsibility in their job.

London flooring specialists conclude that the apprenticeship is a great start of a career.

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