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Don’t Be Mislead By The Marine Plywood Knockoffs!

As the name suggests marine plywood was developed for marine usage – boat building – especially “mirror dinghies” but it actually has built a reputation beyond the intended capabilities! It was never meant to be used in regular buildings as it is now in the construction industry. However, when builders discovered that proper marine plywood is remarkably resistant to delamination, they started to use it in places where water may be a problem in the building especially in bathrooms beneath baths and shower trays. This method worked until the unavoidable happened – “nasty and cheap” plywood began to appear but people continued calling it marine plywood because it was what they expected it to be called.

  • London flooring professionals warn that there are manufacturers that use the term “marine ply” on their non-moisture-proof material using a plain rubber stamp to add the words because this was “what customers wanted”. There`s no surprise in the fact that when this so-called marine plywood became wet in service it delaminated. The problem was that it usually appeared few years after the installation so almost nothing could have been taken against the supplier or builder.
  • Unfortunately, London flooring contractors point out that nowadays the situation hasn’t improved much – actually it has worsened because there’s almost no genuine marine plywood being made. This plywood imitation is on the market but you can’t expect it to have the properties of the original one.
  • Only few people realise that there is a standard for marine plywood – BS1088 (British Standard for marine plywood). Flooring professionals in London advise you to look for it when you are about to buy such solution. Only if the marine ply was both manufactured and tested according to the existing standard, you can be sure that it is genuine – anything else just labeled or simply called like that won’t have its features.
  • If you are willing to change your bathroom flooring and you are looking for a reliable waterproof London flooring solution, aim for marine plywood but don’t forget to request to see the certificate that proves it was manufactured conforming to BS 1088. Some unprofessional London flooring contractors may mislead you but if they don’t provide you the certificate, you can’t expect much from the so-called marine plywood.

In the end, London flooring experts say that there is an instruction that was recently issued saying that all non-conforming plywood simply will not be permitted to be called marine plywood. Still if you are offered one, you’ve been warned!

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