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Don’t Neglect The Floor Safety Standards

Every London flooring expert will tell you that flooring safety should not be neglected. Even if the floor is a matter of frequent filthiness, people should be able to walk on it without risking their lives due to potential slipping. In this article you will read about the different safety requirements, crucial for the individual flooring types and environments, which are necessary for maintaining ultimate flooring safety.

  • Every year thousands of incidents are caused because of various falls, trips and slips. London flooring specialists say that the reason behind these large numbers of accidents is the lack of friction and low resistance between the flooring and peoples footwear.
  • Taking advantage of London flooring professionals experience, we should say that most flooring accidents happen because of post flooring installation factors. This is why it is important for London flooring contractors to ensure the suitable flooring is installed in an appropriate environment – London flooring experts provide specialised finishes every time to avoid slipping and reducing the number of accidents.
  • Another essential thing that London flooring specialists do not forget is to carry out the right safety requirements and tests. For areas with a high volume of human traffic, for instance schools, hospitals, factories and different workplaces, taking these actions is more than crucial.
  • Most flooring is not provided with anti-slip protection as London flooring companies are not obliged to put one except this is requested additionally. Anyway, London flooring experts advice is protection to be used in high risk environments such as steps and places where external factors can increase the chances of slipping due to raining, cleaning or contamination.
  • Ramp-type tests are used by London flooring contractors to classify the level of slipperiness of the products they offer before any sale. Products that are used by London flooring professionals include chemical treatments and anti-slip coatings as this reduces the risks of slipping drastically.
  • Another thing that is common amongst London flooring solutions to deal with slipping, is adding aggregates of varying particle sizes. In this way the flooring abrasion resistance is increased and the chances of slipping are highly cut down .
  • It depends on the individual type of flooring what anti-slip protection should be used. Many factors such as the floor frequently being exposed to water are recommended by London flooring experts to be provided with maximum anti-slip protection. Usually smooth surfaces have little toughness and can be hazardous because they can be very slippery – they will also require a coating with strong anti-slip resistance.

Safety standards are not a subject that can be neglected. It is strongly recommended by London flooring professionals all the floors to be relevant, in good condition and without any obstructions.

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