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Eco-Friendly Detergents? Choose Them Wisely!

We all know that supermarket shelves offer an abundance of products tailored to keep floor tiles sparkling clean. Removing harmful germs and stubborn stains is also what they are targeted for. However, London flooring experts point out that because of the fact that they are heavy-duty cleaning products, they often turn out to be a toxic cocktail of chemicals. According to a recent research, these household cleaners are one of the main sources of indoor pollution. What does that mean? They pose hazards to human health.

  • Fortunately, there are also products that are eco-friendly and are considered a better option in terms of safety and health. However, London flooring experts warn that they are not ideal for sealed surfaces and porous stones. Some homeowners believe that the use of homemade solutions including lemons, baking soda and vinegar. London flooring professionals say that despite the fact it seems like a great idea at first, the surface of your floor can be easily damaged by these ingredients.
  • Why can these eco-solutions damage your floor? Flooring specialists in London explain that natural remedies with a low pH value as well as very acidic cleaning products break down non-organic and mineral substances. Such products also damage acid-sensitive stones and sealants as they will eat into the surface. From the other hand, when a cleaning product has a high alkaline value, for example ammonia, bleach and baking soda, they can easily damage the surface and dull polished London flooring solutions.
  • A reputable London flooring contractor explains that he recently came across an eco product which stated in some small print that this bathroom cleaning detergent had a lower pH formula in order to boost soap scum and limescale removal and explanation that it is not suitable for natural stone and marble. This is essential – the customer should know that such products offer benefits but it is important to note that they are not suitable for their London flooring solutions.

Fortunately, this is not always the case. Some eco-focused brands provide products that are specially designed to maintain surface finishes and protect the sealant. These detergents are safe to use and provide lifecycle and performance benefits to homeowners. They will also facilitate thorough residue-less clean results which will not attract more dirt and bacteria. Choose this option and you will save both time and money!

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