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Estimators, Start Training!

In this article, we will talk about a recent incident and our experienced flooring professionals in London will share with you some important aspects of providing a decent training to estimators. The incident concerns a carpet installed in a small area that wouldn’t stretch out to have the expected appearance. A team of our London flooring experts went on site to check what is going on with the project. After a quick arrangement with the customer we went onsite for an inspection.

  • The customer was already fed up as she had to empty the room (about 4 times). The fitter wasn’t able to stretch the carpet out so the lady was hoping that we will solve the problem. One of our London flooring professionals lifted the corner of room to see the gripper rods and discovered the problem – the grippers were very old and some of the pins were damaged. They weren`t securely fixed to the solid subfloor and were loose. So, what was the reason behind the problem? An omission in the preparation process.
  • But where did the issue originally arose? When the retailer sent an estimator to the property to check the condition, he said that there are already gripper rods neglecting the fact that they are loose and damaged and should be replaced. His explanation was that ‘they felt fine’.
  • Our London flooring specialists got new gripper rods and returned to the premises to replace them. When we securely fixed them not a ripple or crease remained on the carpet.
  • Where was the main problem in this situation? It turned out that the carpet estimator hadn`t been trained in estimating and planning. It is of utmost importance for estimators to have attended such course. Every estimator must have the necessary set of skills and knowledge to understand and do his/ her job efficiently. Fita provides a two-day course that is very advantageous. Such courses will help you understand how to adopt a systematic approach. In this way every London flooring professional will be able to win business, save time and make a bigger profit.
  • What is covered in this type of courses? Usually, identifying subfloors, how to measure, estimate and quote, effective planning and last but not least customer services. Even if you feel confident with your knowledge you should not underestimate the importance of such training.

London flooring contractors point out that well-informed estimators work and communicate better with the installation team so they can discuss crucial things prior to the process. Do not reckon that such training courses are only suitable for installers – estimators can also benefit greatly from them!

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