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Everything You Need To Know About Working With Anhydrites

Many of the difficulties London flooring contractors may face have been overcome by the great development of cement technology. In order to promote convenience and ease for the flooring industry, manufacturers of sub-floor preparation products have worked hard to create products that vary from light-weight smoothing underlayments to fast-track London flooring solutions that make possible floor installation to be done in one day.

As the use of calcium sulphate screeds is becoming more and more popular, it is a matter that London flooring contractors have to deal with more commonly. Flooring professionals in London point out that even applied on large areas, calcium sulphate screeds’ drying times are perceived quicker and they are able to be forced dried after seven days which allows installation to be done within shorter time compared to traditional ones.

However, even though time-saving benefits for London flooring contractors are provided, there are some concerns over the compatibility between some smoothing underlayments and calcium sulphate screeds that may result in failing of the new floor.

  • When dealing with a calcium sulphate sub-floor, London flooring contractors have to pay special attention to the dryness of the substrate as some reaction may occur. For instance, applying cement-based leveling compound on a calcium sulphate screed in a moist environment may lead to the production of a crystalline material known as ettringite. Flooring experts in London warn that this is an expansive crystal which is known to lead to failure of the floor. In consideration of this, calcium sulphate screed manufacturers recommend sulphate-based self-leveling compound to be used to avoid the presence of any potential reactions.
  • Having determined the London flooring specialists requirements demanded by calcium sulphate based flooring solution, a special smoothing underlayment was developed. It is a calcium sulphate based smoothing underlayment that is fitted to offer great compatibility with such screeds. As well as providing a London flooring solution for the leveling of appropriately prepared calcium sulphate screeds, smoothing underlayment can be efficiently used over a great variety of surfaces that include waterproof surface membranes, cement/sand screeds and concrete.
  • London flooring company says that just like any other flooring installation it is crucial that calcium sulphate screed is appropriately smooth, sound and dry before the application of a new flooring cover. London flooring contractors should ensure that contaminants and laitance are removed and some moisture measurement tests have to be conducted. To continue the flooring process after the sub-floor is suitably dry, the surface must be primed. Flooring professionals in London state that doing this is essential for the overall performance and appearance of the floor. Priming a calcium sulphate screed helps in promoting the adhesion of the smoothing underlayment to the screed and preventing rapid drying of the product.

London flooring contractors have benefited from the advances in smoothing underlayment technology. Thanks to the wide range of products available now, challenging and difficult projects are no longer avoided. For flooring experts in London, designing a calcium sulphate based smoothing underlayment, that is convenient and easy to use, is perfect for completing the installation of high quality flooring in London.

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