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Facebook Fun With ‘United Floorlayers’

If you are working in the floor fitting industry, perhaps you might want to find people you can discuss things related to it. If you are already on Facebook, feel free to join the “united floorlayers”. We are completely aware of how big of an impact the social media has on connecting with people now, with employees from your local London flooring company and maybe some of your colleagues to other professionals from all around the globe. You can perceive other’s work and opinions, as well as help out if you got the experience they don’t. Keep in mind that every master was once a beginner, and of course the goodwill to help one another.

  • As forums lose popularity meanwhile this group on Facebook flourishes, it has gained almost 2,000 members currently and it keeps recruiting everyday.“united floorlayers” has a friendly community of outgoing members and helpful admins. Regardless of the nationality the floor installer’s group boasts hospitality and welcomes new members. The group might have a serious theme, various topics about large projects and examples of skilled work but mostly it’s all about having some fun with something in common.
  • London flooring experts and specialists are actually just average people and they wouldn’t mind a little sense-of-humor, or a lot. In fact some topics might not be related to work at all, like hobbies, events, various pictures of something completely unrelated and entertaining comment sections, waiting for you to join in.
  • This sense of a well established community is present for sure and one can really relate to the people from this group. It purely exists to help each other, there is no point in offending someone of his work, if you do not provide a better example or give better options. We are all human and we all make mistakes, but as professionals we aim to get better and through dedication and hard work we will provide higher quality service and earn the respect of our peers or co-workers.
  • Don’t be shy, join right in if you have any questions related to professional flooring installations and your online colleagues will be happy to assist. Wondering between, different materials, the products that are suited for a certain job, a new skill or even some work in the area. Just remember that the guys from “united floorlayers” always got your back with some prompt and qualified responses.
  • If you are a floorlayer you are already missing out on some crucial professional lessons and recommendations and of course some good laughs. The admins are amazing in keeping everything in order and there is no place for spam, ridiculous unrelated advertisement and other unpleasant content.

Even if you aren’t interested in using social media, you might reconsider after checking out “united floorlayers”.

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