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Family-Friendly Flooring Options

With so many options, how to decide what really is best for the whole family. The Flooring Group has rounded up some of the best flooring options for families with children and pets.

Here are some important flooring factors to consider:

  • Maintenance Regiments
  • Scratch and Tear-Resistance
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Color and Shade Options Available
  • Water-Repellent

About 30 years ago, waterborne finishes could not stand up to the durability of the oil-based ones, but this is no longer the case. Technology and innovation have transited the waterborne finishes into the best in the industry for their durability and beauty, but also safety.

To put it simply, the best flooring for a family has to be functional for their lifestyle.

5 Best Flooring Types for Families

1. Cork

Ideal for: Toddlers and families with allergies.
Not recommended for: Rooms with heavy furniture or subject to a lot of sunlight.

Cork floors are continuously growing in popularity due to their eco-friendly source. Cork is a natural antimicrobial as it reduces mould growth and other allergens. For families with toddlers, this can make a huge impact on their health, especially if used in a playroom.

Cork flooring is ideal for youngsters, as it is a softer surface for them learning to walk. But the pliability of cork makes it prone to permanent dents from bulky furniture or heavy items. Another disadvantage is the exposure to prolonged sunlight, which makes cork lose its colour.

2. Laminate

Best for: Families with children.
Not Recommended for: Play areas for pets.

Laminate imitates the look of hardwood floors without the expensive price tag. Laminate floors are relatively easy to clean and have excellent water resistance. However the claws of a furry friend at home can make the floor scratchy, but repairs are easy and manageable.

3. Hardwood

Best for: Families with grown children and pets.
Not Recommended for: Homes with crawling toddlers; dark floor lovers, as scratches will be evident.

Hardwoods are ideal as they can be refinished multiple times. While they can easily be scratched and are not as water-resistant as laminate, sanding and restaining will make them look as good as new.

Pro Tip: Lighter floors do not show scratches as much as dark/grey colours, which intern makes them a more pet-friendly option. And a water-resistant sealant will keep them safe for longer.

4. Carpet

Best for: Playrooms and bedrooms.
Not Recommended for: Young pets which are still in house-training or spill-prone areas.

Carpet is a very soft and comfortable flooring for kids and pets. For a playroom or family room, consider installing carpet tiles instead of the traditional large rolls. That way, if an area becomes stained or damaged, a simple replacement will do the trick.

Pro Tip: Avoid long carpet fibres if there are pets or children with allergies. Carpets with loops can also get snagged on dog and cat nails.

5. Bamboo

Best for: High-traffic areas and families with pets.
Not Recommended for: Basements or other rooms with high humidity.

Bamboo is the most highly recommended flooring options for homes with pets. It is naturally durable and perfectly resists scratches from the furry family members running around.

Pro Tip: Similar to hardwood floors, darker finishes are more likely to show scratches or water damage.