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Few Reasons To Fall In Love With Bamboo Flooring

It has been proven that the most commonly used and prefer the hardwood type of flooring.Even more so, British clients have grown so attached to it that they tend to subconsciously be driven towards that choice.

A new concept of bamboo flooring is gathering more and more followers mainly because of the revolutionary use of this fast-growing plant. The wood planks are made of strand woven bamboo stripes and overall bring uniqueness to every space they are placed in. Hereafter we shall point out a few major benefits of this type of flooring that are worth to be considered.

Maintenance heaven. The bamboo wood flooring is more resistant to water, warping or stains which make this floor perfect for a couple with small kids, pets or any other type of busy household. And what is more important, maintenance can be relatively easy and cheap with simple sweeping, hovering or mopping with a wet mop.

Sustainability. The strand woven stripes are UVI lacquered nine times, making the material extremely durable. It has more sustainability than red oak. Choosing this flooring will save up a lot of headaches and worries of potential damage. The flooring comes with a 25-year guarantee and options to be recoated numerous times.

Eco-flooring with renewability. The bamboo wood is made with natural vegetations of a highly renewable resource that reaches full maturity within 5 to 7 years. In comparison, the hardwood trees take over 4 times this period to mature. This ecological option is very appealing to ecologists and provides extreme sustainability. It is the green flooring option everyone is talking about nowadays.

Shades of colour. From moderate and warm brown to a more golden and green shades, there is a choice to fit every interior designer’s demand. And while this flooring channels the hardwood feeling, this material prevails in other aspects. For example, the natural darker streaks and the distinctive woven strands, bring authenticity and uniqueness like no other.

Bamboo flooring provides not only durability at low cost, but warmth and is the green choice to make for any premise and type of room. Stay innovative and fresh with this modern trend and check our website for you next flooring choice.