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Finishes, Oils And Lacquers Create A Different Look

London flooring contractors are aware, that architects and designers always search for new, variable ways to use wood floors. Here are more details:

  • London flooring experts notice, that diverse timber species may be arranged in different patterns. In addition, there are improved pigmented systems which may give extra effects.
  • When it comes to London flooring solutions, nowadays there is a great variety of pre-finished products. Customers are interested if it’s possible to achieve these appearances on already existing wood floors.
  • Every London flooring company may reveal you that these days there are numerous enquiries for the so called ‘washed out’ look. Sometimes it’s described as ‘beach hut’ and ‘driftwood’. It’s perfect for cases when softer effect is demanded. London flooring specialists explain also, that it’s the contrary of a bright, opaque colour treatment where little grain expression is apparent.
  • London flooring experts explain, that one part of the initial colour remains and delivers a contrast the the added pigmentation – normally it’s a light colour, white, beige, grey.
  • London flooring specialists claim, that there are special oil systems, that underlie this effect. The addition of lacquers, pigments and oils is not new. However, London flooring contractors warn about the existing dangers when it comes to lacquers.
  • London flooring experts mention about situations when colour of heavily trafficked areas changes. When it comes to pigmented primers, they can be used as products for single application. They will create a subtle effect while more coats may be applied in order to achieve more intensive look. Next coats may cover some initial marks during the first coat. Applying lacquer is very important to protect the flooring surface from erosion and to contribute for easier maintenance.
  • London flooring contractors share a requirement for a surface that seems like raw, unfinished wood. For the specialists, it’s difficult to decrease the darkening effect that happens when the wood is ‘wetted’ out with any applied treatment.

In order to answer to increasing needs, more effects and colours are produced all the time. Fortunately for London flooring contractors and their customers, today’s London flooring solutions are safer to work with and also more durable.

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