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Fix These Poor Screeds

London flooring contractors very often come across screeds in poor condition. The reasons vary – it may be due to curing techniques or poor installation. In this article, the problems that may arise from installing London flooring over such screeds will be discussed and you will learn the most economical and effective ways to deal with these subfloors. Every London flooring specialist will tell you that when the existing substrate is in neglected condition this may result in time-consuming problems as it may be needed a complete removal of the screed. In other words, unexpected delays might occur which means added effort and cost for the London flooring contractors. The struggle comes from the fact that some screeds such as sand/ cement have a long drying time which can cause a huge problem when working with a deadline.

  • Yet, London flooring contractors can`t let such scenario happen and fortunately there are easy and quickly solutions to stabilise a friable and weak screed. There are high-performance surface reinforcement systems which help flooring contractors London to fix the problem within a day. This system takes from few hours up to a day while reinstalling a screed might take many weeks to dry and be functional.
  • How does this system work? It penetrates the weak screeds and fills cracks and voids. This will bind together the structure creating stronger and more stable surface. If there are any loose particles, the reinforcement system will bind them together and will make the poor screed a quality substrate for installing London flooring. This is why London flooring contractors are recommended to look for purpose-designed surface reinforcement systems. The drying time is between 2 to 12 hours and it will be ready for applying the further subfloor preparation. This system eliminates the demand of removing weakened and poor screeds. Using such products will save London flooring professionals a lot of money and time especially when speaking of subfloor containing underfloor heating.
  • Another reason why these surface reinforcement systems are great is that they can be installed over both calcium sulphate and sand/ cement screeds. These products can be also used over screeds which don’t have an effective damp-proof membrane or on ones that contain high levels of moisture. This is very useful as installing surface reinforcement systems provides the screed with durability and makes it suitable for installing a waterproof surface membrane which otherwise can`t be installed over a poorly compacted screed.

It is a common scenario for London flooring contractors to find a screed in a bad condition when they arrive onsite. However, with the help of such high performance surface reinforcement systems, there will be no hassle – the usual inconvenience of explaining to the customer the London flooring project will take more time than expected is eliminated. Reinstating a screed overnight will let the London flooring professionals continue their job the following day – this will be provided without compromising on the quality of installation.

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