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Flaws Of Timber Underline Real Wood Flooring

London flooring contractors claim, that wood is always wonderful material for floorings. Actually, these days we don’t see many of the typical wood materials. Recently, London flooring experts have noticed a strange designer trend. The use of solid hardwoods (instead of laminated ones) increases, especially in restaurants and shops, particularly in those that are part of some large national chain. Here we talk about oak. Here are more details on the topic:

  • London flooring specialists have noticed also that the mentioned up above trend comprises timbers, that are preferred for their flaws, not for their attractiveness. This is completely different tendency than the usual tradition when it comes to hardwood.
  • Traditionally, hardwood is evaluated according to its defects. There are disadvantages (such as bark pockets, knots, cracks) that influence on the appearance of the surface. The price depends on the disadvantages. The rule, explained by London flooring contractors, is: the more ‘defect free’ the timber is, the bigger the price will be.
  • When it comes to London contract flooring and London commercial flooring, in the past people chose plastic prints and foils, because they were cheaper. These days, it’s really difficult to differ real wood from the fake one. The reason is the development of modern reproduction and photographic printing techniques.
  • London flooring experts notice a fashion for “ugly” wood. It’s preferred, because of its lack of plastic look. Consequently, now reclaimed or second-hand timber is actual and its price is increased, till in the past it was a cheap and affordable option.
  • London flooring contractors are aware, that now even brand-new timber is being subjected to some ‘uglification’ methods. There are cases when sawn planks are deliberately cut with the help of saws that have one or two teeth missing. The purpose is to imitate ‘hand cut’ timber by the artisans of old.

To conclude, London flooring specialists explain, that it’s great to find designers who rely on real wood for flooring.

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