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Floorboards Deserve Attention!

No matter what happens in London flooring fashion, there will be always a place left for laminate floors. Even though they are printed to look like floorboards and do not provide a genuine origin, they are still prevalent according to London flooring specialists. A few months ago, we have discussed that a very important factor when laying new flooring, is to leave the right gap between the boards. However, in this article, we will discuss the floorboards themselves and the fact there is a place in fashion for them, too.

  • Many flooring experts in London are a big fans of floorboards as they seem to never go out of style. Laminate flooring is trying to take over but choosing a genuine article always makes a difference. A reputable flooring company reckons that the fitted carpet market finds is hard to battle the customers’ appetite for ‘real wood’ flooring. An interesting fact is that now many London flooring shops are offering laminate flooring along with carpeting and even floorboards to satisfy the public’s appetite.
  • Now, a little bit more information about floorboards. They can be made from softwood or hardwood and the first difference you would notice is the price gap. An important aspect that London flooring installers should consider besides the material is the width of the boards they fit.
  • Back in the days, the typical width of floorboards was 10-12in. However, nowadays, London flooring specialists point out that more and more narrower boards are used. Installers prefer them because many homes rely on central heating – they avoid wider boards as they are more prone to curling up in their ends. The use of narrower boards and is highly recommended by some London flooring professionals – they even say that the boards should be narrower than the familiar width in the UK.
  • Let’s take Scandinavia as an example – we may call it the true home of wood. They use narrower boards, reducing the occurrence of cupping. But apart from this benefit, London flooring specialists point out the aesthetic appearance that narrower boards would bring – they look much more neat and attractive. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but an esteemed flooring contractor in London shares that redwood is more aesthetically pleasing than using whitewood because the knots are more attractive.

Choosing the best type of floorboards is subjective yet taking in account the opinion of London flooring professionals is always a good thing idea.

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