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Flooring Contractors Should Not Be Snobs!

A particular concern for the flooring experts in London is that floor-laying should be recognised as a key building trade of the same importance as brick-laying. Another significant aspect that London flooring specialists point out is the need of promoting the acceptance of training for both beginners together with refresher courses for floor fitters with practice.

A respected London flooring company explains that planning the future few years ahead is essential and educating the people who will play a crucial role in the company because with the suitable knowledge they may become next generation of flooring industry leaders.

  • London flooring experts reported that the construction sector is facing a “skills time-bomb” because plenty of building workers are about to retire in the next 10 years. The flooring industry is dynamically growing which means that it will need new recruits but flooring specialists in London point out that, after a forecast has been conducted, it turned out that the sector will be short on new floor-layers. Flooring professionals in London say that an easy solution that some construction companies have chosen is to recruit skilled building workers from Eastern Europe.
  • However, London flooring specialists explain that there is a very simple resolution to the skills crisis as over 600,000 youngsters in Britain are unemployed according to last researches. Most of them have never been trained or had a job. The Government complains about paying work benefits. Still, nobody has seriously thought about that these young people can be trained and as many of them desperately need a job London flooring experts declare that this would be the best answer to the skills crisis. If this jobless youngsters are given the right guidance they can find decent jobs in the construction sector.
  • An experienced London company reveals that construction is one of the most successful sectors in the UK – employing over 2 millions it contributes over 6% of the economic output. However, as many of the heads of the British society have gone to private schools they tend to dishonor all non-academic and vocational education. London flooring experts reluctantly announce that this snobbish attitude is still widely spread and unfortunately is not making the situation in the flooring industry any better.

Flooring contractors in London that are undecided about training their staff should be simply told “Don’t be a snob!”

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