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Flooring Courses Useful For Everyone

Floorskills provides training in the floorcovering installations. Of course, part one of this course is subfloor preparation. Unfortunately, London flooring experts point out that many installers assume that they don’t actually need to learn about subfloor preparation – as they do it on a daily basis. However, this is not sufficient. You can always learn something new and improve your abilities. Some installers attend manufacturer`s day which is praiseworthy. Now you may ask what is the difference between attending a manufacturer`s day and Floorskills’ subfloor prep day. Let London flooring professionals explain.

  • Manufacturer’s course as you may assume gets you acquainted with the product and its specifics. Attending this course won’t provide you with information about the competitors’ products. On such courses usually they make installers think that this particular product is the best you can choose. Flooring contractors in London say that in reality there are products that might be actually more suitable for your situation.
  • What is like in Floorskills? The course doesn`t just showcase a certain product – they feature a wide range of manufacturer products so people who attend it would be able to see different options not being limited by a brand. Along with that the attendants will also see a vast range of tools and equipment to help in improving the installation process. Installers and surveyors can see different brands of moisture meters and get acquainted with the best-suited ones. Another thing you can learn at such course is that diamond grinding is especially important and can save retailers much money with preparation. Different mixing systems and application tools are shown.
  • Something that London flooring experts point out is that such courses are rarely attended by surveyors, estimators, bosses and shop staff. Most of the people that visit them are installers. However, all of the flooring professionals involved in the business must be well aware of the products, right techniques and tools in order to be efficient in what they do.
  • What makes things worse is that the right products are not specified contrary to the wrong products which are. Knowing what’s good for individual cases is important – otherwise installers are pressed to work with what they got. Retailers should be as acquainted with the range of products as the installers they send to such courses – certain situations may require a product they have never heard of. Such acknowledge on the matter leads to failures which is the least desired result every London flooring contractor wants.

Combat this issue – learn and improve your skills and knowledge in the flooring business. London flooring experts highly recommend the attendance of such courses to estimators, retailers and surveyors!

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