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Flooring Experts Should Use Knee Kickers And Power Stretchers More Often

London flooring contractors noticed an interesting topic in an American forum for flooring. A carpet fitter raised the question about knee kickers and whether someone still uses them when installing carpets. London flooring experts asked users how often they apply a power stretcher in their job. It comes out, that in UK not all carpet fitters have these tools. Moreover – those professionals who possess power stretchers perhaps use them very rarely. Here are more details on the topic:

  • London flooring contractors understood, that 9 out of 10 fitters claimed they would power stretch in every appropriate case /even in closets in case the stretcher would fit in/. London flooring experts found out, that fitters consider that not using a power stretcher is really unprofessional and sluggish. Specialists even use power stretchers in hallways and on box rooms and landings.
  • London flooring specialists should not abuse with their bodies and knees, when they have an appropriate tool which performs the tasks for them.
  • Experts in every London flooring company will tell you, that a knee kicker isn’t intended for stretching rooms. It’s used for stretching stairs and for installing carpets. As a result of laziness, London flooring specialists don’t use power stretchers as much as they should. They need to get them out from the van, set them up and when they finish the job – to pack them away. Actually, London flooring contractors conclude that only 5 extra minutes are necessary for this mission, so don’t abuse your knees, it’s not wanted.
  • London flooring experts recommend to use the power stretcher especially if you have problems with your knees.
  • Normally American fitters use it often, but UK fitters have some difficulties, because they just didn’t have enough time to retard to power stretch. In addition, power stretchers are a costly purchase.
  • Some London flooring specialists claim, that British Standards should be changed. They recommend to decrease the size from 5m to 4m.

Every London flooring company will tell you, that the purpose of a knee kicker isn’t stretching the carpets. This tool works together with a power stretcher and is used for aligning carpets up and positioning. In fact, a power stretcher is meant for stretching carpets. There is no doubt, that UK manufacturers would choose their carpets power stretched just like those in USA.

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