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Flooring Industry’s Construction Products Regulations – What You Need to Know

Should you be concerned as an architect, designer, manufacturer, importer or distributor about the documentation relevant to purchasing floorcovering and the process of acquiring a CE mark on your product. Let’s hear out what our London flooring specialists have to say about that.

Since 1st of July 2013, when the Construction Products Directive (CPD) was replaced, the European legislation obliges all manufacturers, importers and distributors to obey the Construction Products Regulations (CPR) and obtain CE mark on all construction products.

The regulation consists of four main fundamentals:

  • CE marking of products
  • A framework of notified individuals
  • Unified technical specifications
  • Standardized system of conformity assessment for each product line

London flooring experts explain that the product-specific Harmonised European Standards (hENs) is part of this regulation/document. All hENs are included in the CPR, which has an Informative Annex responsible for establishing a standard among all products to assure compliance with the CPR. HEN helps manufacturers easily go through all requirements for a product in order their items to become CE certified.

Through Harmonised Standards CPR ensures the construction product meets the seven essential requirements:

1. Hygiene, health and environment
2. Energy economy and heat retention
3. Mechanical resistance and stability
4. Sustainable use of natural resources
5. Protection against noise
6. Safety in case of fire
7. Safety and accessibility in use

Covering all the criteria above enables our London flooring companies cooperating with different importers and manufacturers rest assured that they bring a quality product on the market, assuring customer satisfaction.

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