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Commercial Flooring News

Flooring Options Worth Taking A Second Look

Today we are going to show that there are plenty of other flooring options out there and many are surprisingly affordable.

  • Concrete

Concrete floors, whether just polished or sealed only are particularly beautiful in contemporary spaces. They can be a good way to add a bit of an edge to a traditional space as well. Depending on the treatment, the concrete can turn out to be quite budget friendly.

  • Cork

Cork flooring always looks beautiful underfoot, with the warmth and a movement that is similar to wood. Plus it is a green option and has a little bit of springiness, making it easier on the feet, especially in places like the kitchen where standing for long periods of time is constant.

  • Tiles

This flooring is not something that only goes in wet spaces. Lately, there have been lots of beautiful tile designs that are simply too pretty to hide away in the bathroom.

  • Rubber

Rubber floorings are already quite popular in Europe, although to the US it may draw up an 80s-industrial sensibility. But they are quite attractive, and also exceedingly practical, as they are easy to care for, nice and forgiving underfoot, and incredibly durable.

  • VCT

Vinyl Composite Tile (or VCT) is extremely cheap. It is almost always the budget flooring option in everyone’s project, and definitely, the one to opt for when low on money. The contemporary patterns are exquisite and pretty hardwearing, too.

  • Carpet Tile

Carpet tile gets used a lot for tons of obvious reasons — it is easy to install, also easy to clean, and can be replaced one section at a time when stains or damage occur.

Whatever the choice might be, The Flooring Group can help you with professional advice and suggestions.