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Flooring Underlay

When it comes to flooring installation, choosing the right design and colours is a tough work. But it is also about deciding how the flooring should be installed. There is also need to discuss flooring underlay with the flooring installation company. Here is what customers need to know about flooring underlay and the reason it is important for a good flooring installation.

What is Underlay?

Put it simply, flooring underlay is a thin layer of cushioning placed underneath the real floor. The underlay can be made of different materials such as foam, sponge rubber and recycled fibres. Those materials provide thermal insulation and are the perfect choice for flooring underlays.

Types of Underlay

The simple thing to start from is to check the type of subfloor. Should the subfloor be wooden, any type of flooring underlay can be used. On the other hand, if the subfloor is concrete, the underlay must be with a built-in Damp Proof Membrane (DPM). This DPM prevents any moisture from reaching the floor planks and damaging it.


A flooring underlay beneath provides:

  • Comfort – not only providing thermal insulation, the flooring underlay also increases the comfort of walking.
  • Reduction of Noise – Flooring underlay is extremely useful in insulating the noise that is transmitted through the floor. For floorings that are prone to a lot of foot traffic or movement of equipment, make sure to have proper flooring underlay.
  • Eliminating Uneven Subfloors – Uneven subfloors can cause plenty of problems when a new floor is installed. A good flooring underlay can eliminate this disadvantage completely. It creates a level base for the new floor. When the underlay is made from solid wood fibres it is proven to be the best possible option.

Choosing the Right Flooring And Underlay

When building or renovating a dream home or office, customers want nothing but the best. Here is where the expert of The Flooring Group can help with our professional products and services.