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Flotex Flooring by Forbo

Flotex Flooring comes in various types: sheets, tiles, and planks. Forbo’s Flotex flocked flooring is the only textile floor covering to be awarded the prestigious Allergy UK Seal of Approval™.


Flotex Sheets

They are easy and quick to install and as that are extremely effective when covering large commercial or public areas. They are available in rolls, generally of 2×30 meter, and are known for the high-quality and unique construction, as they are the most hygienic textile flooring available.


Some of the advantages of these products are:

Washable and fast drying – Mechanical wet cleaning or dry cleaning is applied as the fibres effortlessly release dust and allergens during cleaning, making it extremely fast drying.

Hygienic – Flotex sheets and their unique structure, with fibres standing straight, allows for removing double the captured allergens and fine dust as compared to conventional carpet floors.

Sound Reduction – With the special construction of this kind, the fibres allow for quiet and comfortable feeling associated with a carpet.

Slip Resistant and Durable – Flotec roughness comes from the 80 million nylon, 6.6 fibres per square meter, providing high durability and anti-slip in both wet and dry conditions.


Flotex Tiles

They come in two different brands: Flotex Linear and Flotex Cityscape. Both formats provide a perfect solution when creating a unique floor covering using different designs and colours. Modular floors give the possibility to create a modular floor from high-quality textile.


Benefits of Flotex tiles:

Strong and Comfortable – The use of nylon 6.6 fibres creates a strong and durable high tech textile for high traffic areas. The fibres are up to 80 million per square meter, providing a warm and comfortable surface, come in different dimensions and are extremely easy to install.

Hygienic and Washable – Flotex acts as an anti-allergen due to its high tech textile construction, and can be cleaned by vacuuming, steam cleaning or even deep scrub action, as well as fast drying once cleaned.

Safety and Noise – Flotex flooring is textile and prevents mould and odours thanks to its technical and bacteriostatic qualities. This also prevents tripping and slipping hazards in wet and dry conditions.  Flotex is also with Class A with 19dB impact sound reduction, giving it an acoustic flooring solution to any public or commercial space.


Flotex Planks

Unique dense fibre construction allows Flotex to be categorized as neither a true textile nor a resilient flooring, as it provides the best of both – comfort and resilience. It is the best solution for areas where safety, hygiene and well being are in high demand. Flotex Planks comes in sizes of 100x25cm, allowing for major modular trendsetting when creating the design.

Application and Use – The plank designs are versatile and can be used for contemporary or classic environments throughout various industries and public areas.

Sophisticated and Stylish – Mix and Match colours and designs provide endless possibilities. Flotex planks show little to no repeat in patterning, allowing for the creation of interesting and unique flooring even when a single colour is used.