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Flying Carpet Available For Views At Kidderminster Museum

The Museum of Carpet’s summer exhibition celebrates the woven forms and break boundaries of the traditional flat-woven carpentry, which is set to end on Saturday 28th September. Woven landscapes and sculptures are available at the exhibition in Kidderminster and are aimed to change everyone’s perspective of what a carpet can be.

Here is your last chance to see ‘flying carpet’ at Kidderminster museum
The Flying Carpet is a 150-foot long recreation of a section from the Sacramento River. This carpet was completed in 2005 and has been an example of groundbreaking technology used at the time.

The designer used a digital photograph of the area, which was then fed into specialized equipment that dyed the wool to match the image. The machine has a capacity to produce a 60 K spectrum of colours, making the sculpture unbelievable as a carpet.

The Green Street museum also offers on display the temporary exhibition of Jan Bowman’s work, which uses traditional handloom weaving methods to recreate the landscapes.