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Forest For The Trees

The Flooring Group engages our audience with another important subject today, that is being approached quite poorly in our views. Exactly how important are trees for this industry? We aren’t here to fill your heads with yet another tree-hugging chant, make you wash and reuse your plastic bags or provide you with some unhelpful advice on how to craft yourself some lousy decoration from junk, but rather to discuss how you can actually help preserve the environment as a company owner or a customer.

London flooring experts explain that even though the political changes for the UK, it still remains a crime to sell wood-based goods without a legitimate source or proof. We owe this fully to the ‘EUTR’ – the European Union Timber Regulation, which basically prevents companies to illegally harvest and sell their products and this law will continue to remain regardless. Company owners can abide by the law or try and not get caught, but as a cautious customer it is your right to ask if your purchase is legally-harvested. We all like the planet that we live on and we would like to let our children enjoy what we have now too. Things like that might not affect you directly in our daily routine but things can worsen in the long-run as it is not worth the temporary profit, believe us.

The Flooring Group and our fellow London floor companies all agree that wood is the most natural and environmentally-friendly product in construction and we should stick to it. If you wouldn’t let illegal killing and trade of endangered animal species then you probably wouldn’t purchase a product that hasn’t passed the EUTR check either. We and our London flooring contractors fully encourage fair trade in our industry. Look for the ‘TTF’ – Timber Trade Federation mark and you can’t go wrong. Provide a good example for others by living better and smarter!

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