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Four Reasons To Prove Boen’s Hardwood Floors Are The Best

1. Only the best trees are used
Most flooring suppliers buy raw wood materials from the sawmill that the furniture industry does its. And moreover, furniture manufactures pay a higher price to get the special quality wood, the rest is bought by the flooring industry. BOEN owns two sawmills, that exclusively cut hardwood and due to this, the entire tree trunk can be used and therefore provide the parquet floors with varying grades, starting from a cleaner nature grade to a country grade. This provides customers with a greater choice due to the lots of large knots.

2. BOEN hardwood floor is dried in a way to withstand changing climates
Within the BOEN’s personal sawmills, the drying process is controlled strictly from the start of production. This is done to prevent parquet from cracking when being installed, which in turn can happen due to climate changes. Other parquet suppliers can easily lose control of this process as they buy the raw materials with the drying process already started.

3. Always the best choices when it comes to surface treatments
Any floor appearance and durability is affected by the surface treatment. BOEN offer four parquet floor final finishes: the newest and award-winning Live Pure – an ultra matt lacquered surface finish which looks and feels almost unfinished and is most importantly maintenance free.
Customers can also choose the BOEN’s Live Natural Oil, the traditional Live Satin lacquer and the ever popular Live Matt Lacquer. BOEN believe the best durable surface lacquers should be applied in many thin layers, rather than less thick layers.

4. Absolutely easy to install
BOEN have chosen the two best patented locking systems, to give the installer the easiest installation experience. Using the Unilin and 5G joint from Valinge glue free joints saves precious time and frustration. Why choose anything else then BOEN?

You can find BOEN hardwood floors on our website as well as in all our showrooms.