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Frequent Reasons For Flooring Installation Failures

London flooring contractors claim, that very often when it comes to failure in flooring installation, experts blame the adhesive. Actually, after performing a detailed investigation, London flooring specialists come to different results. The causes for the failure are often in inappropriate floor maintenance, bad or insufficient floor preparation; or simply a mismatch of used products for the project. Here are further details:

  • When carpets get curled, this is a sign of failure of roll carpet installations. This problem manifests in curling at the seams or edges.
  • London flooring experts explain that in case enough adhesive has been applied, the reason for this curling may be different. Actually London flooring contractors talk about not ensuring an excellent bond between the rug and the adhesive. This is the result of insufficient attention when using a Glyda.
  • Every London flooring company is aware, that bad environmental conditions can also decrease the good bond of carpet adhesives. This happens if the place where the installation is performed is damp and cold. The same happens with vinyl tiles. Sometimes after installation of resilient floorcoverings, between adjacent tiles some gaps may appear. According to London flooring contractors this problem occurs if floorcovering manufacturers’ recommendations on acclimatisation is not followed.
  • London flooring specialists always advise to execute moisture measurement test of the subfloor. This is mandatory to be done before installing a London flooring solution. In case the relative humidity of the subfloor is more than 75%, then London flooring experts should apply a moisture proof membrane.
  • London flooring contractors also mention, that extreme temperatures are a tricky moment, when it comes to adhesives. They give for example floors in conservatories. In summer, these floors become super hot while in winter they are very cold. In this case, normal resilient flooring adhesive is not recommended to be used. For these situations there are specially designed adhesives with high resistance to heat and plasticisers within PVC London flooring solutions.
  • Every London flooring company will tell you, that using the wrong cleaning agents may also provoke gaps appearance.
  • Other failures, caused by dampness in the subfloor provoke rucking or bubbling of floorcoverings. Then there are pockets of moisture, which also decompose the adhesive. Pleats may also appear if the wrong adhesive is selected. There should be a careful evaluation of the expected foot traffic and usage of heavy equipment in order to avoid such problems. London flooring experts must be very careful not to admit exploiting of the flooring too soon after the installation. There should be enough time to build a strong connection with the adhesive. The same refers to cleaning operations – they should not be started too early. Some cleaning agents contain much alkalines or solvents. In this case, contact with adhesives should be avoided.

London flooring contractors should always follow the advice either of manufacturer or of technical service department of the London flooring company.

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