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Gerflor reconfirms its Global Leading Floor tiles and decorative planks position

The global flooring market has seen a strong increase of the vinyl flooring, easily outselling tiling, laminate and carpets. The vinyl floor tiles and planks are well known for the variety of designs and ease of installation from both the general public and professionals. This year, Gerflor is reinforcing its position of the vinyl floor and tile market by launching several new collections, among the most complete on the market, using a new environmentally friendly production facility and new technologies for the first time ever.


When Gerflor launched its first self-adhesive tiles back in 1985, it was the first to take advantage of the market demand for decorative flooring solutions. Now a pioneer in the vinyl flooring tiles and panels, Gerflor has the widest range on the market, in terms of design, installation methods, accessories, expert technical services, online design tools and customer services. Over the decades, Gerflor has proved to be a leading provider for vinyl flooring tiles and planks, chosen by both professionals and private homeowners.


As a result of the growing demand and to also ensure that the products are available immediately to retailers, Gerflor has invested over £50M in the creation of a brand new factory, located in Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux in the south of France, it has the capacity to produce 10 million m² annually, with a continuous production process. The company has three new teams, working day and night, and the new site is dedicated to flooring tiles and planks. The facility has an integrated recycling centre and uses up to 55% recycled material in their products, To conserve energy, the facility also uses gravitational force to blend the raw materials as an exclusive process inside its new factory, cutting the CO2 emissions per m2 by 10% than the standard process. Gerflor also joined forces with Paprec Recyclage in 2017, creating Floor to Floor, while enhancing its expertise and increasing the volume of the flooring offcuts, which are 100% recyclable and used to manufacture other products. Gerflor floor coverings are A+ rated, do not impact indoor air quality, have low VOC emissions, and are 100% recyclable at the end of their service life.


Gerflor has been a leader in cutting-edge technology and latest trends, striving for comfort, with a global team of 140 engineers focused on research and development of new solutions for the future flooring industry. The duo core technology is the latest innovation and features rigid interlayer reinforced with fibreglass for maximum floor stability. The top surface layer is flexible, thus extremely comfortable to walk on and provides good sound insulation and looks structured with bevelled edges, a crystal top layer for durability and an ultra matt varnish for a natural material effect. Acoustic underlays are also available in addition to the Creation ranges to deliver impact noise reduction between 15 and 19dB.


Gerflor has launched this year it’s most complete range of floor tiles and planks on the market. They have systematically been ahead of the competition, offering a wide range of various formats, designs and traffic resistance qualities, and featuring natural, understated, modern and classic tones based on contemporary motifs. The ranging formats from XXL to XXS, Gerflor tiles can be used to recreate graphic or bold and modern layouts. With very realistic wood effects remain popular, floor tiling panels can now be developed with new effects like textile, cement. Metal, sheeting, or rust and copper effects.


CREATION 30 offers 38 designs in 58 colours and is derived from the Cementine trend. This design mixes bush-hammered concrete effects mixed with hexagonal motifs


CREATION 50 offers 41 designs in 64 colours and draws inspiration from nature, urban living, and textile effects.

The Creation collections both feature matching design accessories and special installation tools.


This year Gerflor is also showing its technological leadership with products specifically designed for different traffic site requirements:


The Clic installation system is recommended for installing over existing underlays. The Vertical Clic locking system, patented by Gerflor, allows tiles to be installed quickly and without bonding and is 4 times more solid than conventional lock systems, and allows for 30% faster installation time.


The Looselay installation method can be used for entirely free application on surfaces less than 30m², anything over that would need to be applied with adhesive. Comes in square formats and can create multiple layouts, and when fitted on a technical floor where electrical ducts can be accessed with ease.


Bonded installation system is ideal for new sites as it comes with a pre-bonded smartfix underlay, with which the creation designs can be installed faster, providing comfort, needs no smoothing or waiting time, allowing the floor to be used right away.