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Get The Wooden Floor Look With Luxury Vinyl Floor Tiles

A new report claims that the three main items from 1970s interior design, being the ARTEX ceilings, Lino floors and carpets in bathrooms, still dominate in British homes. On the other hand, the Underfloor heating, US-style fridge-freezers and the real wooden floors are the three modern trends people want to come home to.


And having in mind the original floorboards are usually fitted to joists, meaning there is almost no possibility to fit underfloor heating at all. A good alternative is the luxury vinyl tiles (LVT flooring), that are thicker than the plain vinyl sheeting. They not only look like wood planks but also feel like ones, due to textured printing that produces a grain-like finish. Moreover, they are much cheaper, hard-wearing and easier to maintain.


According to experts, the result is a floor, which combines the look and feel of the real wood or stone with the practical benefits of the vinyl, such as warmth, water resistance, durability and sound absorbency. And this is not just for bathrooms and kitchens.


Stone-textured LVT floorings normally come as squares or rectangles and are relatively easy to lay, provided that the installing person is competent with an open blade and can cut-in around the skirting boards. Yet, like all flooring, everyone can get the best results if they opt for expert fitting.


The LVT floors are extremely durable and waterproof, which makes them an excellent choice for a high footfall area like hallways and stairwells.


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