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Get To Know Engineered Wood

The choice of home flooring is tough and uneasy one to make. There are a lot of stylish options that will stand the test of time and correspond to everyone’s interior design. Yet, it is difficult to predict the movement of furniture around, or later rearrangements and how they will fit in with the style.

That is most often the reason most clients opt for wooden floors – the timeless classic. And here comes the big question whether to go after solid hardwood, laminate or engineered wood. We have discussed pros and cons of the first two, so it is time to look closely and what exactly is engineered wood.

Generally speaking, this is a composite of plywood or hardwood layers with hardwood veneer affixed to the surface. So the look is that of an authentic solid wood. Inside the layers of timber run in different directions which provide stability and resistance to moisture and heat. This source is widely used now in not only flooring options but in the production of furniture as well.

Getting to know the aspect of using engineered wood is what drives customers towards that choice. Understanding the practical use is crucial. This type of flooring is not so prone to negatively react to shifts in temperature and moisture and are less expected to form gaps. Having it installed in basements and bathrooms is perfectly safe. However, the price tag on engineered wood is higher than that of a hardwood flooring. Nonetheless, the installation price is much cheaper than the solid wood would cost.

The versatility of this material and the variety of uses it provides make it highly recommendable for everyone. As any flooring type, it does have pros and cons, but its high durability and diversity in colour and styles make it one of the top chosen floorings in the UK.
And now it is time to dive in the range of products The Flooring Group can provide.